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Backbone Data Solutions provides Offshore real estate appraisal and consulting and has been in business since March 2014. We are working with many AMC’s since 2014 and they are very happy with our services. We have well-experienced staff to assist you 24/7 and 365 days to fulfill your needs and requirements as per your requests.

Whatever in this field and industry you want to grow up and built-in your business with our qualified appraisal report reviewer, you will find the best appraisal report Quality Control with short ETA beyond your expectations in terms of performance and usability here.

We understand turn time with Quality is important to the AMC and we are here to provide you best experience with a Backbone Data Solutions. We are here to help out the Appraisal QC 24/7 Specific team for your account.

With the help of details Backbone’s Appraisal Quality Control, you can Save 4-5 hours of your everyday time and spend it with your family; OR You can add more clients/lenders and earn more income.

Our Quality Control and review department have many years of experience working with all types of appraisers, loan types and lenders. They have demonstrated the knowledge and understanding of an appraisal and its purpose in the lending industry. Unlike other companies that have a “check list” of things they search for, our review department understands the appraisal and appraisal guidelines under FNMA, FHA/HUD, and USPAP. This enables them to analyze and review all aspects of the report with a thorough understanding of what is needed in each specific assignment.

In addition to the initial review, the review department also handles all disputes and issues with appraisals. They have been trained and understand that a lender’s dispute or issue with an appraisal must be resolved quickly and efficiently in order to not slow done the loan process. In addition, they have the tools and information necessary to make sure that all issues are resolved within USPAP, FHA/HUD, and FNMA guidelines.

Further our Quality Control / review department conducts internal audits at random on our appraisal panel to ensure our clients are obtaining the highest quality product at all times.

Our Quality Control and review process is highly effective and one of the most comprehensive in our industry and has proven to save underwriters time reviewing our reports.

We are familiar with Value Trac, Etrac, Appraisal Scope, Mercury, etc, Firewall, and all Software

Why Choose Us for Appraisal Quality Control Services?

Benifits you will GET

The following are some of the many benefits that you get with our appraisal services

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Appraisal Review:

We review and analyze appraisal reports for completeness, consistency, and quality. Our review entails a detailed understanding of the techniques and methodologies used in the appraisal process to ensure that the property is evaluated as per industry standards. Our appraisal review services, completed by highly qualified and licensed appraisers, are based on guidelines of Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

During the automated review process:

Key RealView capabilities:

Backbone Appraisal Quality Control Team Can Help:

Now more than ever, AMCs have an obligation and responsibility to review and enhance their Quality Control measures. In doing so, Backbone Appraisal can provide the accurate and quality appraisal reports that lenders, borrowers, and sellers rely on for many real estate transactions. Meanwhile, improving your organization’s quality control can help to avoid potential lawsuits and other legal problems down the road. This is especially important as the early 2010s proved that lenders can and will file lawsuits against AMCs that have been shown to provide inaccurate or sloppy appraisal reports.
At Backbone Appraisal Quality Control Team, we take great pride in the extensive Quality Control measures we have implemented. Likewise, we offer services that include appraisal reviews to assess the accuracy and completeness of any appraisal report. This is on top of our many other services that we have to offer, which include:

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